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Yep, it’s that time again! School is back in session, and with COVID-19, things are looking a bit different. While the start of this semester may be an unusual one, teachers, students and parents are gearing up for a successful year. Although more students are roaming their homes than hallways right now, preparing classrooms, virtual and in-person, are still well underway. As we all adjust to this new normal, here’s what you need before heading back to school.  

Stock up on personal protective equipment

Whether in full-time face to face courses or completing a hybrid option, make sure you’re protected with the latest safety tools. At United Trophy Orlando, we recommend purchasing face masks and contactless keys. These two make for the perfect duo to help keep you safe. If you’re unsure where to buy face masks in Orlando, we can help. Our Stock Full Color Masks offer an ample amount of cloth masks patterns to pick from. Our Custom Full Color Maskswork with all logo designs – you could even customize one with your school mascot! Simply send us your graphic and we can create it into the ultimate, protective mask. Lastly, our Classic Black Masksmake for the perfect, simple style to rock in the classroom.

Contactless keys are also a great way to keep yourself safe. These clear, acrylic tools can do it all. Push buttons, open doors and so much more – all while keeping your hands clean and avoiding any high-contact surfaces. Learn more about them here.

Don’t forget your basic school supplies

One of the most exciting parts of starting a new school year is buying new supplies! After all, you can’t begin classes without the essentials like notebooks, pens, pencils, binders, etc. They’ll keep backpacks full and help students stay organized. And a not-so-basic item you may be adding to your list this year is a new computer. Prepare for a seamless transition from in-person to virtual with the right supplies.

Spice up your back to school shopping list with these items

As you prepare your classrooms, from campus or from home, don’t forget to decorate! Our local trophy shops carry some of the best decorations like personalized signs and custom banners. Deck out your classroom to create the best learning environment for your students.

Another way to boost morale during these unprecedented times is with awards. At United Trophy, schools all over Central Florida come to us for recommendations on personalized trophies and awards they can provide for their students. Awards make for ample ways to keep participation up and give students something to look forward to and work hard for throughout the year. Some award categories to choose from are academic achievement, citizenship and participation.  

And it’s never too early to prepare for graduation. Commemorating this special moment with a custom award will show students all their hard work was worth it! Whether they’re moving on from elementary, middle or high school, even college, graduation should be rewarded. Browse our catalog here.

Make us your one-stop shop for all school items. Whether you’re a parent, educator or student, give us a call at 407-841-2525 to learn more about what we can do for you.

To our United Trophy family, best of luck this school year!