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With spring just around the corner, not only is the weather changing, but sports are too! That’s right, spring sports leagues are about to begin and sports like soccer, baseball, lacrosse and tennis will be in full swing.

Since the start of the spring sports season is nearly here, we’ve put together a list of four easy steps to get you prepared for the new season.

1. Safety first

If you haven’t already, make sure you submit a physical examination form for each sport you participate in. Check with your doctor and have them clear you to play. These forms also notify coaches about important medical information, so they know the best way to take care of their players in emergencies. You never know when something might happen on the field, so come prepared!

2. Equipment

You can’t play without the proper equipment, so buy all necessary items beforehand. You’ll always need the essentials like bats, rackets and sticks. You can even opt to purchase personalized gear such as water bottles, equipment bags, hats and more. Need a new look this season? Revamp your team’s style with custom jerseys.

3. Conditioning and Tryouts

It’s not easy to jump into a sport. Start prepping physically as early as you can. Schedule conditioning and sport-specific workouts to get your body prepared. Staying hydrated and eating right will keep you sharp for when those tryout dates come around. Keep a calendar running on the time and locations of any try-outs or sign-ups you may have this season.

4. No “I” in Team

Don’t forget to support your team! Create custom signs and banners to help cheer on your teammates. You can even opt to do custom apparel printing or custom t shirt printing to help fans show off their spirit.

At United Trophy Orlando, we can get you game-day ready in no time. From helping you prepare with custom jerseys, signs, shirts and merch to ending the season with an award-filled celebration, we know just what you need for a successful season. We have over 50 years’ experience working with Pop Warner organizations, schools and other sports leagues in the Central Florida area.

Make United Trophy your one-shop stop for spring sports. Call 407-841-2525 to place an order today.