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Everyone loves to feel appreciated at work, but sometimes the usual workplace awards can get a little bit stale. At United Trophy Orlando, we go beyond the average awards and trophy shop, with hundreds of customizable products to show the people around you how much you care. We’ve put together a list of four unique office awards idea to show some of your most deserving coworkers just how much they mean to the office! 

Mr. or Mrs. Clean Award

This one is for the coworker that keeps their desk spotless at all times. Everything is constantly disinfected and in tip-top shape. A fun gift to give this award recipient would be one of our customized contactless keys — to make sure they are germ-free all day long. Another great option would be a custom engraved trophy with their new title on it!

Office Comedian Award

Every office has at least one resident comedian. This person is always making jokes and keeping morale high! We recommend customizing one of our sashes or taking advantage of our custom apparel printing for an award that they can proudly wear around the office.

Astute Observer Award

There’s always one person that catches every single detail. Whether it’s a mistake in an important client project or a fact error in a report, the astute observer always notices and resolves the issue. Our recognition plaques or custom award ribbons would be the perfect way to let this person know that you appreciate their attention to detail.

Office Parent Award

This award is for the coworker that’s always checking on everyone else. They’re always there to lend a helping hand and never forget a birthday. Honor your Office Parent with one of our custom metal trophies for them to keep at their desk as a reminder that you’re thankful for everything they do. 

Make United Trophy your one-stop shop for all of your office award needs. We can personalize any gift, award or plaque to let everyone at your workplace know they’re appreciated! Give us a call at 407-841-2525 to learn more about our products.