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The start of the school year is just around the corner! Students might not be roaming the halls yet, but for teachers, class is in session. Educators all around the city are preparing their classrooms, attending meetings and planning for a successful year.

A big challenge teachers face is finding ways to keep students engaged. Hosting friendly competitions, encouraging sports participation, creating goals to work toward – these are just a few tactics teachers utilize to get students excited to learn and grow. Although these ideas are excellent, there’s one way to take them to the next level: awards!

Establishing awards for students to work for or win can greatly increase participation and interest. At United Trophy, schools all over Orlando come to us for recommendations on personalized trophies and awards they can provident for their students. To help during this time of planning, we’ve put together a list of student recognition awards ideas.

  • Academic achievement

Above all else, schools value education. Students who study hard, are active participants in class and always strive for academic excellence should be recognized for their great effort! Handing out medals to students who make honor roll, personalized trophies for academic competition winners or custom award ribbons for top grades on tests, all make great incentives for encouraging academic success.

  • Sports

Academics are important, but school wouldn’t be the same without sports! Football, basketball, baseball, cheerleading… the list goes on. Signing up to be a part of a team is a big commitment and students who chose to do so should be rewarded for their dedication with a participation ribbon.

  • Citizenship

Teachers and schools work hard to create well-rounded students. In addition to acknowledging students for academic and athletic achievements, students who are actively volunteering should be honored for their great citizenship. Recognition plaques or medals will encourage them to keep up the good work.

  • Graduation

The greatest achievement in a student’s school career is graduating. Whether they’re moving on from elementary, middle or high school, graduation should be rewarded. Commemorating this special moment with a custom award will show students all their hard work was worth it!

If you’re an educator and looking to purchase student awards for the upcoming school year, visit United Trophy! With three locations throughout the greater Orlando area, we can create beautiful, customized awards your students will be sure to love. Call 407-841-2525 to order today!