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Not sure what to give your team at the end of the season? Here are our top Orlando team baseball trophies for you to choose from.

Baseball season is nearing its end. It’s time to start thinking about how you’re going to reward your team for their hard work throughout the season. Here are our eight favorite Orlando team baseball trophies:

Column Trophies

The most popular of our Orlando team baseball trophies are the column trophies. Star players deserve a star riser trophy. These trophies are something your players will carry with them for years to come. Have them engraved with their name and add the team logo to make it even more special.

Resin Trophies

Resin trophies are a beautiful, heavy-duty, and well-made trophy option. The antiqued gold finish makes them a unique choice. Resin trophies are an excellent option for an older team who had an exceptional year. They will forever remember the season.

Participation Awards

Have a little league team? Let them know what a significant part of the team they were. These little trophies are inexpensive to purchase and are very exciting for your younger players.

You can make handing out these awards even more special by having their names engraved on the trophy along with a special note. Engraving something like “Best Hitter” or “Best Teammate” will make their contribution during the season more special. This will also teach them that being an active member of the game is what gave them the award, not just finishing the season.


Orlando team baseball trophies don’t just have to stand up tall. They can be something the team wears. Every athlete dreams of that gold medal at the finish line. Give them something unique with our engraved resin medal.

Baseball display case

Orlando Team Baseball Trophies

The name of the game is to hit those home run balls. If you have a team member that knocked it out of the park this year give them something special to commemorate. A baseball display case will perfectly preserve and show off that special home run baseball.

Another great way to use our baseball display case is as an end of year coach gift. Have the team sign the baseball so the coach can have a beautiful souvenir keepsake.


In the 1960s and 1970s, it was common for kids to receive a pin tacked onto their hat at the end of the season. Bring back that nostalgic feeling and tack a baseball pin to your teams’ caps this year. We have different ones to commemorate participation as well as player awards.

Coach Plaques

Don’t forget the coach! Orlando team baseball trophies aren’t just for the players. Give your coach a nice plaque showing your appreciation for his dedication and hard work throughout the season.


Do you have a team that won this year’s championship? Give them a ring to commemorate. These rings are great for an older team, who will want to wear and show them off.

Come into one of our showrooms and see what Orlando team baseball trophies we have to offer. We can find the best fit for your team!