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Whether you’re a sports team, church organization, or business, Orlando promotional apparel can benefit you, here’s how.

Orlando promotional apparel is a great way to boost your company, organization, or sports team’s name. There’s a lot of benefit to custom apparel, especially when it’s used as a form of advertising.

To start, it’s an easier approach, as it doesn’t require any special technique to advertise. It’s also cost-effective, year-round, marketing that allows for the high-visibility of your company.  Simply by wearing the apparel, the business is being promoted.

Here is a breakdown of some simple and effective ideas for different companies:

Sports Teams

Unify your sports team with Orlando promotional apparel. This could be anything from jerseys, to fleece sweat sets, to hats or workout apparel. Having a unified look will promote and enhance your teams’ spirit as well as allow them to be easily recognizable.  

Hats are one of the most effective promotional materials because they are front and center with high visibility. It also has the added benefit of not wrinkling while being worn so the logo stands prominent.

Another great use for promotional apparel is building funds for your team. You can allow sponsors to be promoted on the team shirts which also allows for more visibility for their respective company while supporting yours.

Orlando Promotional Apparel


Give your volunteers a customized shirt that promotes your organization’s goals. There are endless opportunities to make it fun with a slogan or scripture on the back with pops of color for eye-catching benefit.

Utilizing these techniques will not only guarantee your members will wear the shirt again but provoke others to inquire into it.


For those times when your business may be in the public eye, having a cohesive look that’s on-brand with your company will allow you to be easily recognizable as well as to present yourselves as professionals.

When deciding on what apparel to go with, it’s important to choose a style that mimics your company’s culture. If you have a laid-back atmosphere then a cotton shirt with a company slogan might be a fitting option. If you’re a business-professional company, a button-down or polo will showcase your professionalism.

Orlando promotional apparel is also great for companies who want to make extra money. Having woven shirts, knits, and accessories with your logo is a great item to sell to customers and fans of the company. This will allow your fans to feel as though they are part of the company and it’s free advertising for you.

Need more help selecting your Orlando promotional apparel? Head to our catalog and see which style suits you best, then call us to get started.