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Orlando Baseball Trophies

Baseball season is coming! Baseball season is coming! Are your kids into sports? Are they going to play baseball for a team this year? If the answer is yes, then you should also be considering your kids a winner! You should be thinking about Orlando baseball trophies and other team sports memorabilia for your kids.

Before the games are all done and won, it’s time to start thinking about a few things that we here at United Trophy can help you with.

Winners Deserve a Trophy

Here at United Trophy, we are all about trophies. It’s in our name. We want your kids to have the best awards available, and that’s why we offer all types of trophies for all kinds of sports, not just baseball. But for baseball, we offer some good stuff.

Customizable Baseball Trophies

We offer customizable awards and trophies. Anything from custom trophies to custom medals; from ribbons to official trophies for select leagues; we have all the Orlando baseball trophies you will need. 

Babe Ruth League & Pop Warner

We are THE only “authorized official” Babe Ruth League supplier for awards in the 7 states in the south-east region of the united states. And we are also an “official authorized” Pop Warner League approved supplier for all of their awards. So if you’re child is in an official league, you should make sure they get the official trophy. After all of the games are won, you can rest assured that your child will be receiving the official trophy.

Does your child love sports? If so, if they belong to a little league team or a park district team, we supply baseball trophies, soccer trophies, football trophies and more. Let us be your Orlando baseball trophies and memorabilia provider. Email us at United Trophy today,!  At United Trophy, we’re here to help you win!