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Custom crystal awards are a simple gesture that goes a long way. Your employees deserve it, and here’s why.

How often do you show your employees how much you appreciate them? The answer is probably not enough. As a manager, it can become easy to be so focused on the numbers you forget to acknowledge your employee’s hard work.

Appreciate is an essential human need, especially in the workplace. Something as simple as a custom crystal award for the quarterly top salesperson can make a significant difference in the workplace as a whole. Here are three reasons they deserve these kinds of awards and recognition:

1.They are rockstars.

Employees are the backbone of any company. They are the ones who create the products and are the first point of contact for your customers. They continue to work hard for you daily, a lot of times showing up early and staying late to make your dream a success. Make sure you are showing them just how much you appreciate the dedication they have shown to your company.

2. It promotes positive workplace morale.

Custom Crystal Awards

If an employee feels they are appreciated, it’s going to create positive energy throughout the office. They will want to work harder because they will feel their work is essential and valuable to the company. This happiness will project onto the other employees, eventually landing on the customers. Happy employees will create satisfied customers, leading to higher profits and sales.

A great way to promote recognition is to host yearly employee recognition awards. Each year, gather everyone together to enjoy food and celebrate hard work. Have a dedicated custom crystal award for those who have worked the hardest or brought in the most sales. This celebration will be something your employees will look forward to every year, and they will want that special recognition themselves.

3. They will stay with your company longer.

A good relationship between management and their employees fosters loyalty to the company. It’s a common saying that employees don’t quit their jobs; they quit their managers. Someone may not love their job, but if they feel appreciated and like their management, they’re more likely to stay. They’ll want to see the company flourish and grow, as well as be apart of the growth.

If you are ready to show your employees just how much you notice and appreciate their hard work, come into one of our showrooms. We can create a custom crystal award specific to your company for your next celebration or award ceremony.