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Trophies and awards are just a couple of the customizable items you can find at our trophy store in Orlando.

Did you know our trophy store in Orlando is so much more than just awards? We believe in making every occasion customizable. From graduations to corporate events, we have what you need to make a statement.

Here are some of the top customizable products we sell:

Wine Bottles

Have you ever considered giving a customized wine bottle as a trophy or a gift? Whether it’s a housewarming gift, graduation gift, or a thank you, it’s an entirely unique gift option that would be cherished.

It’s easy to get it done too! All you need to do is bring the wine bottle into one of our three locations with an idea of what you’d like it to say. We can help you with the custom artwork and typography and put together something truly special that they’ll remember.  

Table Covers

As an organization, having a customized table display makes a big difference. When you’re surrounded by competitors you want to stand out. In order to do that you need to have a table that makes a statement and speaks volumes about your business before you ever have to say a word. You can do that with a custom table cover that encompasses all that your business is, with strong branding and design elements.

Trophy Store In Orlando


When searching for a ‘trophy store in Orlando’ you probably think of only the trophies or awards you can hang on your wall but we have a large inventory of apparel too. Apparel is easy advertising for your company and helps keep a cohesive look to your organization. Whether you’re a sports team, volunteer, church group, or business, customized apparel is a must.


Sashes help celebrate a moment, as well as promote! Sashes go beyond homecoming court and can be used for many things. Pageants, baby showers, award ceremonies, or bachelor/bachelorette parties are all great reasons to create a custom sash. It’s more meaningful when you’re able to create something unique for the occasion.

Promotional Materials

Promotional materials are a low-cost marketing item your company definitely needs to have. It puts your organization’s name out there with little cost and no special marketing knowledge required.

It could be as simple as a pen, or something more unique like power banks and headphones. Find something that makes you stand out as a company and will keep you at the top of mind for your current or potential customers.

Need to create something completely custom? Visit our trophy store in Orlando to see all that we have to offer.