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Finding an Orlando trophy shouldn’t be taken lightly. With our years of experience, we can customize as well as make your trophies and ribbons match your event perfectly.

Having been around for over 50 years in the Orlando area, we know a thing or two about how Orlando has grown. We’ve also seen the way trophies have evolved over time and how ribbons have too. However, we’ve been able to adapt and change based on the needs of our customers.

Orlando trophy

Some things haven’t changed, such as the quality we brought and still bring to the table from the beginning. We still custom engrave all of our trophy plaques and the plaques themselves. We have people who have come back over and over to get their Orlando trophy engraved for this year’s employee of the year.

We also don’t just do trophies, plaques, and ribbons. We had a recent project that allowed us to engrave on liquor bottles. The company wanted to thank their top employees in a different way and came to us with the idea. We took it, created a template and engraved their name and accomplishment on each of the bottles. The results were great and the client was thrilled!

Other unique Orlando trophy ideas are for wine bottles too. Having an anniversary or birthday? A unique gift is a bottle of wine engraved with their name and anniversary. Engraving adds a nice touch to the bottle and gives them something to remember if they choose to use it as a vase after.

Whatever your Orlando trophy needs are, we can help you create them. We have staff dedicated to getting you the best result and have all the materials for what you need. Give us a call today to get started on your unique gift or trophy.