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Orlando Sports TrophyIn need of an Orlando sports trophy for your team? Look no further than United Trophy.

Sports, sports, sports! Sports are a big part of most people’s lives, whether they follow soccer, football, baseball or bowling (yes, that’s a sport), people can’t get enough of it. And neither can kids! Sports teams are a good way for kids to build character and teamwork, which is why we offer a customizable Orlando sports trophies and awards.

Before you know it, it’ll be time to start the new leagues and what better way to start than to be prepared for your team’s victories with knowing where to order your Orlando sports trophy!

We don’t only offer customizable trophies, but also shirts (like jerseys) and apparel.

Shirts & Apparel

We can print custom t-shirts and jerseys for your sports team, your kid’s sports team or your school’s sports team. We also can embroider t-shirts, too.

Trophies & Awards

Customizable trophies and awards are what we offer. We have tons of awards you can choose from. We have custom medals, custom trophies, and custom ribbons. We also are the only company in 7 states who can provide you the Babe Ruth League trophies.

We are the official authorized south-east region supplier for the Babe Ruth League and licensed supplier for Pop Warner. We can make sure your league after the games are won and done, receive the official Babe Ruth trophies. You can have Babe Ruth or the Pop Warner logo on a medal and all sorts of memorabilia.

If your child is into sports and plays on a team; if you are a school coach at a local elementary, middle or high school; if you are a local sports league coach; or if you are part of a sports team and just would like a nice Orlando sports trophy, let us be your go-to trophy and memorabilia maker. Email us here at United Trophy today,! We are here to serve our community.