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As the world returns to a new normal, many employees find themselves heading back to the office. With the presence of COVID-19 still looming, taking the proper precautions to keep you and your team safe is key. Not only will it help alleviate stress people may be feeling about coming back to work, it will increase the likelihood everyone stays healthy.

Here are a few steps you can take to ensure a safe work environment:

Follow all state and county guidelines

Many local and federal guidelines have been put in place to help contain the virus. Capacity guidelines and social distancing measures, as determined by state government, are valuable ways to help decrease spread. With states reopening in phases, staying on top of where your business lies will allow for the smoothest transition. Following these recommendations are an ideal starting point to getting your business back up and running.

Encourage employees to stay home if sick

We’re no stranger to pushing through even if we don’t feel the best. However, now it’s more important than ever to listen to our bodies and quarantine ourselves when necessary. For example, if an employee is feeling under the weather or experiencing any symptoms related to COVID-19, allowing them to stay home will eliminate potential risk of exposure to other employees or customers.

Place signs around the office

Little reminders here and there hold both employees and customers accountable to continue following helpful COVID-19 best practices like staying 6 feet apart, periodically washing hands and keeping masks on. At United Trophy Orlando, we can help create customizable signs and banners to match the safety goals of your business. Or if you need any promotional materials like a “We’re Open!” sign, make us your go-to store as you navigate your reopening. 

Provide masks for your employees

Face masks have a become an effective way to create a barrier between yourself and others. It makes employees feel more comfortable and establishes peace of mind for the customer. Now is a great time to purchase protective face masks and at United Trophy, we have a few options to choose from.

If you opt for Stock Full Color Masks we offer an ample amount of patterns to pick from. Created with a light, polyester material, it’s perfect to wear during long shifts.

Our Custom Full Color Masks work well if you have a specific idea in mind or want a cohesive look for your employees or business. For corporations, use your logo and slogan to create your own personal advertising. Or, if you’re just looking for a mask that fits your own specific design, simply upload a photo of your choice and we’ll do the rest.

Classic Black Masks make for the perfect, simple style. If you don’t want your masks to stand out, a solid black mask works with any look and isn’t too attention seeking. It covers both nose and mouth to create a breathable barrier.

Face masks in Orlando may be hard to come by, but we’ll make it easy for you. Browse our quantity and pricing options here.

Following these four steps are a great way to get your business back up and running safely – while making your employees feel comfortable while doing so. At United Trophy Orlando we’ll help your company reopen – and stay open – successfully.

For more information give us a call at 407-841-2525 or visit us at our open location in downtown Orlando.