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Autumn is approaching quickly and you know what that means – it’s almost time for fall sports leagues! Football, volleyball, bowling, swimming and more are all about to begin a new season.

Sports are an amazing outlet for children with many benefits. From getting exercise to making friends, participating in team sports will teach kids valuable life skills all while having a blast.

Another advantage of joining a team is the feeling of accomplishment. What better way to instill a sense of confidence and achievement than with personalized trophies?

To help you prepare for fall sports, we’ve put together a list of end of season award ideas:

  • The All-Star Award

On every team, there’s always one athlete that gives 110 percent, 100 percent of the time. He or she goes above and beyond practicing, playing hard and pumping up the whole team.

  • The Most Improved Player Award

Hard work deserves a reward!  This award is for the player who’s constantly working his or her best to improve by learning from losses and turning them into wins.

  • The Encourager Award

When the game is in the last quarter and team is down, this player hasn’t given up. He or she is still cheering, encouraging the whole team and determined to raise spirits.

  • Participation Ribbon

Coming to practice, attending all the games and committing to being a part of a team calls for recognition! Every athlete deserves to take home a prize.

  • The Coaches’ Award

The players aren’t the only ones working hard on the field. Coaches have given their time, expertise and energy to help the team grow and win. They’ve earned an award as well!

The start of the fall sport season is nearly here, now is the perfect time to plan! If you’re looking for a sports trophy store, we’ve got you covered.

At United Trophy Orlando, we can fulfill all your personalized trophies and awards need. With three convenient locations throughout Orlando, our team has tons of experience working with the local Pop Warner organizations, schools and other sports leagues.

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