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With the end of the year quickly approaching, now is the perfect time to reflect on all of the accomplishments your team has made over the past year. As an employer, you know the importance of rewarding hard work and creating incentive for the staff to continue working toward new company goals. An end-of-the-year ceremony is just the way to do that!

And what’s a ceremony without awards? At United Trophy Orlando we can help you find everything you need for your special event from personalized trophies to recognition plaques to signs and banners.

To help you start your party planning, we’ve put together a list of recognition award ideas for you to present to your team.

Achievement awards

Standout performance deserves great recognition! From most sales to best customer service, employees will be pleased to take home achievement awards. Plus, there will sure to be plenty of friendly competition for this category next year. We recommend handing out 3-D laser crystals  for this honor.

Volunteer awards

Volunteering is a self-less way to give back to the local community and an employee who makes a habit of doing so should be commended. If your company has a volunteer program and place, show your appreciation for active members with custom color filled medals.

Initiative awards

People who step up to the plate and take the initiative to go above and beyond are key members of the team. They’re the ones who arrive early and stay late to ensure big projects are completed on time. They have an eye out for coworkers who are struggling and always lend a helping hand. Show these employees their dedication is appreciated with beautiful full color plaques

Safety awards

When you work in certain industries like construction or food service, safety is always at the forefront. Each team always has that one person that can spot a hazard from a mile away and letting them know how much you appreciate their concern for everyone’s safety is important. Reward him or her with a full color ribbons or certificates.

Rookie of the year and lifetime achievement awards

This award is for the new member of your team who has really outdone themselves or for the longtime employee who has become a legend. Honor them with a product from our special jewel trophy and plaque series.

If you are planning an end of the year banquet or celebration for your team, make United Trophy your go-to awards and trophy shop. We have everything you need to thank your team for their accomplishments and hard work. Call us at 407-841-2525 or stop by one of our three convenient locations to place an order today.