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5 Customizable Products You Can Find at Our Trophy Store in Orlando

Trophies and awards are just a couple of the customizable items you can find at our trophy store in Orlando.

Did you know our trophy store in Orlando is so much more than just awards? We believe in making every occasion customizable. From graduations to corporate events, we have what you need to make a statement.

Here are some of the top customizable products we sell:

Wine Bottles

Have you ever considered giving a customized wine bottle as a trophy or a gift? Whether it’s a housewarming gift, graduation gift, or a thank you, it’s an entirely unique gift option that would be cherished.

It’s easy to get it done too! All you need to do is bring the wine bottle into one of our three locations with an idea of what you’d like it to say. We can help you with the custom artwork and typography and put together something truly special that they’ll remember.  

Table Covers

As an organization, having a customized table display makes a big difference. When you’re surrounded by competitors you want to stand out. In order to do that you need to have a table that makes a statement and speaks volumes about your business before you ever have to say a word. You can do that with a custom table cover that encompasses all that your business is, with strong branding and design elements.

Trophy Store In Orlando


When searching for a ‘trophy store in Orlando’ you probably think of only the trophies or awards you can hang on your wall but we have a large inventory of apparel too. Apparel is easy advertising for your company and helps keep a cohesive look to your organization. Whether you’re a sports team, volunteer, church group, or business, customized apparel is a must.


Sashes help celebrate a moment, as well as promote! Sashes go beyond homecoming court and can be used for many things. Pageants, baby showers, award ceremonies, or bachelor/bachelorette parties are all great reasons to create a custom sash. It’s more meaningful when you’re able to create something unique for the occasion.

Promotional Materials

Promotional materials are a low-cost marketing item your company definitely needs to have. It puts your organization’s name out there with little cost and no special marketing knowledge required.

It could be as simple as a pen, or something more unique like power banks and headphones. Find something that makes you stand out as a company and will keep you at the top of mind for your current or potential customers.

Need to create something completely custom? Visit our trophy store in Orlando to see all that we have to offer.

Orlando Promotional Apparel for All Ages

Whether you’re a sports team, church organization, or business, Orlando promotional apparel can benefit you, here’s how.

Orlando promotional apparel is a great way to boost your company, organization, or sports team’s name. There’s a lot of benefit to custom apparel, especially when it’s used as a form of advertising.

To start, it’s an easier approach, as it doesn’t require any special technique to advertise. It’s also cost-effective, year-round, marketing that allows for the high-visibility of your company.  Simply by wearing the apparel, the business is being promoted.

Here is a breakdown of some simple and effective ideas for different companies:

Sports Teams

Unify your sports team with Orlando promotional apparel. This could be anything from jerseys, to fleece sweat sets, to hats or workout apparel. Having a unified look will promote and enhance your teams’ spirit as well as allow them to be easily recognizable.  

Hats are one of the most effective promotional materials because they are front and center with high visibility. It also has the added benefit of not wrinkling while being worn so the logo stands prominent.

Another great use for promotional apparel is building funds for your team. You can allow sponsors to be promoted on the team shirts which also allows for more visibility for their respective company while supporting yours.

Orlando Promotional Apparel


Give your volunteers a customized shirt that promotes your organization’s goals. There are endless opportunities to make it fun with a slogan or scripture on the back with pops of color for eye-catching benefit.

Utilizing these techniques will not only guarantee your members will wear the shirt again but provoke others to inquire into it.


For those times when your business may be in the public eye, having a cohesive look that’s on-brand with your company will allow you to be easily recognizable as well as to present yourselves as professionals.

When deciding on what apparel to go with, it’s important to choose a style that mimics your company’s culture. If you have a laid-back atmosphere then a cotton shirt with a company slogan might be a fitting option. If you’re a business-professional company, a button-down or polo will showcase your professionalism.

Orlando promotional apparel is also great for companies who want to make extra money. Having woven shirts, knits, and accessories with your logo is a great item to sell to customers and fans of the company. This will allow your fans to feel as though they are part of the company and it’s free advertising for you.

Need more help selecting your Orlando promotional apparel? Head to our catalog and see which style suits you best, then call us to get started.

3 Things Custom Crystal Awards Say About Your Business

Hm, decisions, decisions. Choosing custom crystal awards may be the reason people think these things about your business.

What a lot of people don’t realize is that when you’re a business owner, every decision you make is put under a microscope. Because, in reality, your reason for starting a business is to better the lives of your audience, right? Even when it comes to something as simple as choosing awards, it’s important to be mindful about the reputation you’re building. Here are three things custom crystal awards say about your business:

1. Your Business Is Respectable

When it comes time for choosing from the awards catalog, you’re faced with a decision that holds some weight. Are you going to choose a more generic trophy route or are you going to choose custom crystal awards that make a statement about your gratitude? Both are understandable options, but the latter speaks volumes about your business’ commitment to quality.

2. You Know Your Business’ Worth

Custom Crystal Awards

Knowing your business’ worth is an incredibly important mindset that can ultimately determine your company’s success. If you know your business provides value to the community and your audience, then you’ll want to portray that in everything you do. This includes giving back to the people who got you where you are today.

Custom crystal awards give off the impression that you’re a business who rewards its employees because you know you should. This also includes giving quality awards at events to prove your business is a prestigious leader in the community.

3. You’re Willing To Invest In The Future Of Your Company

Anyone who sees that your business cares about maintaining a respectable reputation will label you a prosperous one. It says something about a business owner that’s willing to invest in their employees and in the community. By choosing custom crystal awards, you’re not only proving your worth, but also the worth of everyone who comes in contact with your brand. And that is a reputation worth having.
If you’re looking to create custom crystal awards that make a statement, contact us today! We’d love to help you design awards you’re proud to showcase.

Come Check Out The Memorabilia In Our Orlando Trophy Shop

No Orlando trophy shop is created equal. Come see what we’re all about and how we can help your next event sparkle.

Have you ever been in an Orlando trophy shop? They’re filled with unique, custom pieces of art that represent the companies, teams, and people that make up our community. At United Trophy, we have large showrooms of memorabilia that exhibits the hard work we’ve put in to get where we are today. With our three locations, you’re sure to find one that’s convenient to you. And, a big thank you to the following locals for supporting our business!

Orlando Trophy Shop

Local Schools

Throughout our years, we’ve created hundreds of thousands of trophies, medals and plaques for schools in Central Florida and beyond. Our school catalog lists many different options for sports and scholastic awards that are entirely customizable to fit a school’s brand and style. When you come to our Orlando trophy shop, you’ll be able to see the extent of what we’re capable of creating. As a local business, we do whatever we can to help our local community prosper.

Local Corporations

Our trophy shop has tons of sample products we’ve produced in the past for local corporations. The memorabilia we have presented is our visual portfolio so that customers can determine what they want from our services. We update our corporate catalog yearly so that this year’s corporate awards can be even better than last year’s. There’s always new and improved products and materials we adopt to ensure we’re providing you with the best of the best. It’s been an honor to be the local Orlando trophy shop of choice for so many prominent businesses in the community.

We’ve been in the awards industry since 1968. If there’s any Orlando trophy shop that’s knowledgeable and experienced in what they do, it’s us. Our automated manufacturing facility has over 50 experienced staff members to serve you our top-of-the-line products. Contact us today to get started!

It’s Never Too Late For Orlando Event Awards

Are you pondering about whether or not it’s too late to order Orlando event awards? At United Trophy, it’s never too late!

There’s a lot to be said about a company that treats their employees with respect by awarding them for their hard work. Or better yet, a member of society who goes above and beyond and deserves recognition. Some of our favorite projects are for Orlando event awards because we know it means someone is receiving a token of appreciation.

At United Trophy, we offer a wide variety of options to choose from so that you can personally customize our awards to your liking. It’s never too late to acknowledge someone for their contribution. Here are a couple of reasons you may need to order Orlando event awards:

Conferences & Work Meetings

Orlando Event AwardsThe first couple of months of the new year are always jam-packed with conferences and work meetings. As a big city that’s centrally located, Orlando houses a lot of those meetings in convention centers and hotels nearby. If you or your business never got around to ordering your Orlando event awards, we’ve got you covered. This is a great time to award your hard working employees for the success they’ve brought to your company.

At United Trophy, we can generally expect to receive a bulk of Orlando event awards around this time of year. It seems like a great way to spread positivity and set the mood for your company’s expectations going forward. If you make it a point to give out awards during this event every year, don’t you think it’ll give your employees something to look forward to?

Seasonal & Quarterly Events

Once January rolls around, that typically signifies the beginning of a new season and quarter. However, life happens and sometimes events that were planned to celebrate successes are postponed until a more convenient time. Well, guess what? Now is a more convenient time.

We receive Orlando event awards during every month of the year. There are awards for employee of the month, work anniversaries, sales goals, clients, and many more. There shouldn’t be a time-frame for which you’re allowed to reward an employee for their accomplishments.

United Trophy can be your go-to for year-round Orlando event awards. We take great pride in our role as manufacturers who get to bring your idea to life. Check out our awards catalog for specific details about what we can do for you. Contact us today to get started!

Surprise Your Running Team With Winter Park Custom T-Shirts

Are you running in a race, but don’t yet have a t-shirt prepared? Visit us for Winter Park custom t-shirts.

As winter unwinds, we start to see more and more people outside training for race season. This is always a sign for us to switch gears and prepare our machines for t-shirt printing. When ordering Winter Park custom t-shirts, be sure to inform us of your ideal deadline so that we can plan accordingly. There’s a lot of strategic organization that goes into creating custom t-shirts and it’s our job to ensure everything we make is of the highest quality.

Winter Park Custom T-ShirtsThe best part about being a manufacturing company is getting to see the creative requests that come our way. With all the engraving and customizing we do, it’s special to be the business that gets to bring your ideas to life. If you’re running in an upcoming race, you might as well make it a day to remember, right?

With Winter Park custom t-shirts, you can truly stand out in the crowd with a shirt that makes you proud to wear. Put your favorite saying, song, movie quote, picture, character, you name it, on your shirts!

We always love to see our t-shirts out in the community because you’re not representing our hard work, you’re representing yours. At United Trophy, we take great pride in being a small business that people utilize for purposes like races, and marathon trophies. It’s a great way to showcase your creativity, as well as match with your team so that you can spot them during the race.

If you’re looking for Winter Park custom t-shirts, we have the equipment and experience to get the job done. We have three Orlando locations you can visit to place your order and specify what you’re looking for. You can also order online through this link. We’d love to be the resource that brings your t-shirt visions to life!

Shop Local For Orlando Custom Engraving

If you’re in need of Orlando custom engraving, you’ve come to the right place. We have the resources to engrave products from trophies to wine bottles.

United Trophy is a manufacturing company that’s local to Orlando, Florida. We specialize in trophies, awards, signs and banners, apparel, and more. We believe our role as a company is to take something and make it personal. This is why Orlando custom engraving is a huge part of our business. It allows us to feel connected with our work and our customers.  

As a small business, we work diligently to ensure our customers’ orders are done right the first time. We genuinely appreciate everyone that walks through our doors and gives us an opportunity to do what we love. When people come to us for Orlando custom engraving, they’re trusting us to provide them with a final product that’s custom and meaningful. We take that role very seriously, and it shows. We’ve been serving the Central Florida area for over 50 years! And we hope to continue making our mark for many more years to come.

Orlando Custom Engraving Essentially all of our products are customizable. We do Orlando custom engraving for awards ranging from sports teams to corporate companies. The awards catalog features our wide variety of products to choose from. When you work with United Trophy, you have the option to choose colors, materials, and the engraving you want to implement. The options are endless and the choice is yours.

We also do Orlando custom engraving for gifts, such as wine bottles. We’ve seen a huge demand for wine bottle etching and the results are always beautiful. These make great gifts for weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, holidays, etc. You choose your recipient’s favorite wine, let us know what you want to be engraved, and we’ll provide you with a thoughtful keepsake. It’s a win-win.

When you work with us at United Trophy, you’re supporting the local community and giving us the opportunity to continue serving Central Florida. We can’t thank our customers enough for their loyalty over these last 50 years. Please contact us at 407-841-2525 if you have any questions about what we can do for you. We’d love to be your Orlando custom engraving company!

3 Reasons To Order Your Windermere Custom Executive Awards With Us

Are you looking to order Windermere custom executive awards? We’re your people!

Award season is here and time is ticking for placing your Windermere custom executive awards order. While it can feel like you have a huge weight on your shoulders, our team at United Trophy has the experience and the resources to complete your order efficiently. You come in and tell us your vision, and we’ll execute to the best of our ability.

Here are 3 reasons as to why you should choose United Trophy:


Windermere custom executive awards

1) Wide Variety

Our awards vary in every category: size, shape, material, color, and more. We take great pride in the number of options we provide our customers to fit their needs accordingly. When searching for a company to order Windermere custom executive awards, the ability to design them to fit your brand’s aesthetic is huge.


2) Customizable Features

What could be sweeter than seeing the award you gave your employee displayed on their desk? Personalized etching is a popular feature for Windermere custom executive awards. To ensure an impactful reaction, most executives like to engrave employee’s names for a more personal touch. As the cherry on top, we also love to personalize awards with your company’s logo. There’s no way you won’t have a little bit of fun designing these for your team.


3) Supporting Local

Aside from our extensive options and varieties, when you order Windermere custom executive awards from United Trophy, you’re supporting a small business. We work every day to deliver the best results for our customers. We customize your awards with love because it’s our passion to serve our community. When you’re ordering from us, you’re receiving handcrafted art made specifically for you.

We’re always looking for new customers to serve. If you have any questions, you can visit our website or call us at 407-841-2525. We look forward to creating custom awards for your business!

Find Your Orlando End Of Year Awards Here

As 2018 is coming to a close, we’re preparing our machines for Orlando end of year awards. Put your orders in today!

The end of 2018 represents many different things. But most importantly, It’s the end of a working quarter or season, which means it’s time to celebrate this year’s wins! Your team has been working hard all year to ensure positive results. How about surprising them with Orlando end of year awards?

You may assume awards are somewhat old-fashioned or outdated. However, a statistic from socialcast states that 69% of employees would work harder if they felt their efforts were better appreciated. Now that’s a fact worth applying to all groups. If you surprised your employees, or team, with Orlando end of year awards, do you think they’d maybe put in the extra effort in 2019? It’s worth a shot!

Check out the end of year awards we have to meet every situation.

Orlando end of year awards

Corporate Awards

Our executive catalog includes awards and plaques of all shapes, sizes, and materials. Our most popular Orlando end of year awards are typically crystal or acrylic. They are all customizable to include specific names and even your company’s logo! Wall plaques are also a great way to advertise a team member’s accomplishments.

By presenting your employees with Orlando end of year awards, you’re acknowledging their hard work in a concrete way. Check out our website to find the perfect fit for your brand!



Sports Awards

Our awards catalog includes trophies and medals with figurines for sports and activities of your choice. The materials range from metal to acrylic with numerous color options. You can easily personalize them to fit your team’s personality!

Orlando end of year awards are especially important for inspiring young kids who deserve to be awarded for their dedication. Turn your end of year party into one your team will never forget, coach!


Miscellaneous Awards

There’s no celebration that shouldn’t include Orlando end of year awards! In our 55+ page catalog, we include awards for academics, religion, clubs, you name it. We understand firsthand how much awards have meant to us over the years and we want to help return the favor.

Contact us today at 407-841-2525 to get started on your Orlando end of year awards!

Winter Park Trophy: Winners Deserve a Winter Park Trophy

If your team’s season is coming to an end, it’s time to put your Winter Park trophy orders in. United Trophy is your one-stop shop for these awesome keepsakes!

Do you have a team member that’s gone above and beyond? Did your team reach a goal you had previously set? Are there a couple of hard workers you’d love to recognize? These people deserve a Winter Park trophy for their accomplishments. United Trophy has products for a wide variety of groups, purposes, and achievements. If your team consists of winners, it’s time they’re recognized!


An end-of-the-year awards ceremony can be a highly anticipated event for a lot of team members. This ceremony usually entails both the team’s and the specific player’s highlights throughout the year. To recognize consistent hard work and dedication, trophies are given out as a token of appreciation. These trophies symbolize special consideration and a memory that will last forever.

United Trophy specializes in creating the perfect awards for your team! When given a Winter Park trophy, you’re given a well-deserved keepsake. We do our very best to ensure our customers are fully content with their designs. We allow personalization and customization to give you exactly what you’re looking for. Check out our various products here.


Winter Park TrophyThe holidays are among us, which usually means the end of a quarter in the corporate world. If your team had a rockin’ year, or just reached a new sales goal, you should recognize them with a Winter Park trophy. There’s nothing more professional and high-class than personal engravement.

At United Trophy, we’re big supporters of recognizing accomplishments. It’s what our business is based upon. We believe winners deserve a Winter Park trophy. Our trophies are customizable to appeal to all businesses and corporations. We want to do our part to bring your vision to life.

Contact us today at 407-841-2525 or check out our convenient locations. We proudly serve the Central Florida area and we’re excited to help with your Winter Park trophy needs.


Orlando Football Awards: 3 Reasons To Get Your Awards From Us This Season

Football season is here and that means Orlando football awards! Here’s why you should use us for your awards this year.

Fall is here and that means cooler weather, leaves on the ground and football. This is a season unlike any other. People come together to watch football on the weekends, tailgating goes on and fantasy football is in full swing. Thinking about a trophy for your pee-wee football or your fantasy football team? Here’s why you should call us for your trophy needs.

We Have The Experience

Orlando Football Awards: 3 Reasons To Get Your Awards From Us This SeasonWe’ve been in business for over 50 years. Although that’s longer than Drew Brees and Tom Brady combined, we’d like to think we’re at their expert level with Orlando football awards. We’ve been helping all types of teams, not just football, prepare for their get-togethers at the end of the season to hand out the trophies to all of the winners.

We Have The Designs

Just because we don’t have a cannon go off every time we get an order like The Tampa Bay Buccaneers do for a touchdown, doesn’t mean we’re not as creative. We can help you design your Orlando football awards trophy from our selection or we can help you come up with what to say on the plaque portion of the trophy. Think you want a ribbon instead of a football trophy? We can help with that too. We make all of our ribbons in-house and have someone dedicated to the process.

We Have The Delivery

Nowadays, everyone is fast-paced and they don’t want to deal with having to pick their items up or dropping them off. Not to worry! We can deliver your football trophy to your school, work or business. We have a delivery man who’s in charge of making sure your trophy gets there on time. Need your trophy in a short amount of time? Give us a call. We can help you with your needs and then let you know when it will be ready.

We Have Shirts Too

Orlando Football Awards: 3 Reasons To Get Your Awards From Us This SeasonWe don’t just stop at trophies, ribbons, and medals, we also offer custom t-shirt printing too. We do this in-house so we can have them done and ready for you when you need them.

We have all of the Orlando football awards needs you could want. We would consider ourselves the experts in our industry so when it comes to your tailgating, pee-wee football or anything else sports, think of United Trophy first!

Orlando Custom Awards: Why You Should Customize Your Awards

Orlando Custom awards are something no one can forget. Here’s how we can help you make the most of your award season.

Every year it sneaks up on you when you least expect it. Award season. It’s time to think about what awards you’ll be purchasing for the coming parties at the end of the year. Here’s why you should pick United Trophy to be your Orlando custom awards maker.

Awards AplentyOrlando Custom Awards

Here at United Trophy, we have plenty of award types and options. In fact, we have many awards for you to choose from.

We offer:

  • Plaques
  • Custom medals
  • Custom crystal awards
  • Logo awards (that’s award with your logo on it!)


Orlando Custom AwardsWith plaques and other awards, we offer free engraving of up to 75 letters. That’s pretty great, especially if you’re trying to save money for your corporate awards.

Custom Medals

Who doesn’t want a custom medal? We can brand and customize medals for the winner of your award. We can also make sure that each medal is unique in design with the winner’s name right there on it.

Custom Crystal Awards

You can get custom crystal awards. These awards are laser treated to say what you’d like as well as to brand them with your company logo. These are very popular Orlando custom awards for businesses.

Design Your Award Around Your Business Logo

We can also design your award around your business logo. The great thing is that most orders can be completed within two weeks.

Check out our award catalog to see exactly what we are offering when it comes to your Orlando custom awards. We have a lot for you to can pick from.

If your company is getting ready for their awards party and needs Orlando custom awards, reach out to your custom awards experts here at United Trophy. Make sure you let us be your go-to awards maker. Email us today at!

Orlando Homecoming Supplies: Crowns and Sashes

Orlando Homecoming Supplies

School is starting soon. That may mean all the summer fun is over, but it also means that it’s time to start thinking about homecoming. Homecoming is right around the corner, and before you know it, it’s gone and passed. Here are some things you should consider when buying custom Orlando homecoming supplies for your dance.

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Orlando Baseball Trophies: Trophies and Memorabilia for Team Sports

Orlando Baseball Trophies

Baseball season is coming! Baseball season is coming! Are your kids into sports? Are they going to play baseball for a team this year? If the answer is yes, then you should also be considering your kids a winner! You should be thinking about Orlando baseball trophies and other team sports memorabilia for your kids.

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Orlando Custom t-shirts: Order Shirts Today  

Orlando Custom t-shirtsAre you part of the school board? Are you a part of your PTA? Then you know that it’s essential to find the right Orlando custom t-shirts for your students or kids. Not just uniforms, but also school shirts for sports (like sports jerseys).

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Your Custom Orlando Trophy Provider

Your Custom Orlando Trophy Provider

We’re your custom Orlando trophy & awards maker, dedicated to providing you, your business, or your employees with the best custom trophies, awards and medals you can buy. Before you learn a thing or two about United Trophy, we want to go over the history of our company and about trophies, in general. That history began a long time ago.

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Orlando Corporate Awards: Why You Should Call Us

Orlando corporate awards

Are you thinking of throwing a “thank you” party for your employees recognizing all of their hard work? Or are you throwing an award ceremony for your employees? An award ceremony that is hopefully more tasteful than the Dundee’s from The Office? Here at United Trophy, we can take care of your Orlando corporate awards and design the best gift for all your employees (except the ones who don’t win – better luck next year!)

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